North Korea decided the time was right to invade.

I'm just having some fun.

It looks exactly like mine.

I want my whole family to be proud of me.

Just my 2 cents...

We demoted you.

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What were your impressions of it?


Clare loves everything you do.

Let me drive your new Toyota.

Whose idea was it to fire them?

You must try to avoid hurting people's feelings.

Syed did come over that night.

I told him.

I picked out a new hat at the store.

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Netherlands so deserved the World Cup.

This is the story of my country.

Can foreign students be in the club?

Kenneth has a remarkable memory.

This surface is rugged.

What kind of music do you play?

He was at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Who's the lucky one?

His statements are childish and they often bother me.

Sehyo had a great night.

Boyce did the only thing he could do.


Bro, what's your family name?

You are barking up the wrong tree by asking me to betray my country.

It's still rising.

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Don't forget to flush the toilet.

It's just down the street on your left.

My friend Sun shine on me now and ever.

Sylvan asked the waitress for the wine list.

Of course not, that is quite impossible.

You can use a tongue scraper to clean your tongue.

It has nothing to do with me.

How many wheels does this truck have?

You still manage to disappoint me.


I wish you two didn't always fight.

Xavier proclaims a syncretic stance in religion.

I hope to retire from work when I'm 60 years old.

She continues to think that we are friends.

I don't even know whether it's or .net or .com.


You need to go back.

I just have so much on my mind.

Herman needs some water.

Among the refugees there are many children.

The greatest predictor of future behaviour is past behaviour.

Tell her I'll be right there.

Dion told me not to say anything.


You can't step twice into the same river.

I'll be here when you get back.

He did his best to overcome his enemy.


Courtney is a creative guy.


It's very unlikely that any evidence will turn up to prove Tim's guilt.

I always get up at 6 o'clock in the morning.

I did what Daniele asked me to do.

Would you please stop talking?

I almost fell for it.


You don't pay attention.

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That's all I got.

I said nothing that made him angry.

I'm sure that's no fault of yours.

The language spoken in Australia is English.

He won the prize this day week.

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Leif won't need that.

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The trip is longer than I expected.

Did you give the order?

Where is the fire extinguisher?

Malaclypse must've hit his head.

Fish abound in this river.

Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar was one of the foremost astrophysicists of the twentieth century.

I feel like I'm forgetting something.


Jeff learned that the rental price would be discounted if he and the agent agreed to a seven-day rental term.

Go exercise outside.

I agree with that statement.


It's my day off.

I was at a loss when I lost my house key.

I can work from anywhere.

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Turn right on the next street.

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Give me the money in fives and tens.


He abandoned himself to his grief.


Marilyn Monroe died when she was 36 years old.

I'm on call today.

Ping seems efficient.

Kobe is famous for its port.

I bear in mind that misfortunes never come singly.


The mother lay beside her baby on the bed.

She asked me to tell you that if you don't meet her at nine o'clock tomorrow you will never see her again.

I know you tried your best.


I have no reason to believe Christie is lying.

They are studying for the test.

The jury found that Samsung had infringed upon Apple's patents.


Life is but a flash of lightning, beauty lasts for a single day! Think about the skulls of the dead that are all alike.

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I would like to learn your language.

She choked eating olives.

The other boys smiled.


I think I did something wrong.


Dorj worked 10 hours a day.


A job is not merely a means to earn a living.

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Arnie, can you hold on until help comes?

Angus didn't even say goodbye.

The video went viral.

You can't watch the game.

I wonder if she's still in jail!

You have made a promise.

Air the futon.

Why can't I drive?

There's a book, a pencil, and a sheet of paper on the table.

There has been a rapid increase in the population here.

You said that you hated me.


Hey, I was trying to familiarly greet you.

Mothers used to tell their sons that if they masturbated they would go blind.

I left my new pair of gloves in the library.

I immediately thought of you.

His business returned a good profit.


I've already spoken to her.

Do you really think we can afford it?

I couldn't spot them.

I know you're afraid of flying.

I suppose you think I'm rich.

Be home before dark.

My clothes are over there.

I hope we beat him.

It's not you whom I want to go with.


Are they coming, too?

I'm not sure I can wait that long.

Roland had a happy childhood.


We have the ability to do that.

Oil will float on water.

We're going to set off at four.


Nate asked Johan to quit her job.


Is German so difficult to learn?

We are asked to introduce ourselves in turn.

He got dressed and went outside.

You will not be harmed.

I want to talk to Gregory's French teacher.

People doesn't deserve me.

We're not working for them.

His body was covered with brown fur.

What do you have to say for yourselves?

It was careless of him to go to bed with the TV on.

You have a guest.


I want to tell her the truth.

May I close the window?

Lana doesn't appear to agree.

Shannon smiled when he saw me.

Is your friend a stinker?

The secretary proved to be a spy.

Everyone has strengths and weaknesses.

A detailed report will be sent you by next mail.

He doesn't talk to me anymore.

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I am about to suffer.


Did you hear the roar of the lions?

I've set up a meeting.

Nou says he saw nothing.


Gerald hardly ever buys anything at this store.


I don't like anything like hard work.

This knife is just good for slicing a loaf.

Where did you drill them?


The beach is empty.